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2022 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Create & Transform Digital Content for Travel

If you want to be successful in creating and transforming digital content for travel, you can’t miss TBC Asia’s Travel Industry Conference 2018!

TBC Asia will take place on October 31, 2018 at Colombo’s premier city hotel, the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Sri Lanka. Now in its third instalment as a bi-annual event since 2014, TBC Asia returns with trends and learnings from expert speakers and industry practitioners from around the world, who have faced and overcome challenges in marketing in the digital era.

Whether you intend to increase sales, improve lead generation, reinforce customer loyalty, or explore new markets, TBC Asia 2018’s content will have direct relevance and provide much needed insights into digital marketing for travel while you connect with over 70 travel influencers and digital marketing experts.

This year’s topics include:

1. Creative Excellence in a Technology Driven Market

In a marketing environment where to be successful brands need to be supported by digital transformation and data is a critical asset for travel companies, there has never been a more urgent need to be creative. To stand out from the crowd in an oversupply of online content, destinations and travel businesses need to find that magic combination of experience, story, engagement and technology to win the hearts and minds of their target market.

In this keynote presentation, co-founder of Tourism Tribe and creator of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse will step you through real-world case studies of successful content marketing campaigns, the strategy behind them, their success factors and what you could do to create similarly engaging content and social media campaigns.

Liz Ward will present the best of Australian and local examples and discuss why they worked and how a dynamic of digital technologies, data driven approaches and world-class creativity can be utilised by all size businesses to achieve excellence.

2. Using information to create an experience driven marketing strategy for travel content

A panel discussion about using information to create an experience driven marketing strategy for travel content. As the travel industry continually evolves, it has become more pressing for brands to keep trying to get the attention of the audiences with increasing number of platforms that distracts them. If one can master the exact recipe for using technology innovatively to market their brand, that travel brand has the power to garner attention. Hence in 2018, it is very important that content marketing is implemented.

3. The Evolution of the Connected Customer

Technological advances are increasing the connections between customers and service providers. The use of connected devices is providing rich sources of data about consumers, their activity, and their environment, which is collectively labelled as customer intelligence. This is paramount in proactively anticipating the needs of a well-informed customer in a technologically driven market.

4. How to leverage user generation content to fuel the travel booking cycle

In today’s digital world, travel brands are fighting for visibility and market share. Luckily, tourism is one of the ripest industries for user-generated content (UGC) marketing. Not only are travelers sharing meaningful travel experiences on social media and travel websites but also look to this UGC for travel inspiration and validation.

5. Future of Travel - the China rise and Blockchain Technology

As China ramps up to a world-class travel and hospitality industry, an amalgam of international and domestic expertise may provide the best model for success. The future of consumption in China is based on a digital, consumer-driven market which is aided by safe and secure mobile payment systems and utilising technology to understand demand and consumption habits of consumers. The Conference will provide valuable insight for travel companies about the best ways to penetrate this market effectively by industry experts who have specialised in this market.

6. Connecting the dots – how to use data to create a seamless travel marketing strategy?

IToday´s traveller is more connected than ever before, as they discover, search, and book travel on dozens of sites across multiple devices. The traveller’s path to purchase becomes even more complex as they move through apps, social media, comparison sites, and supplier direct sites. Travel marketers need to create a seamless marketing strategy by expanding their reach and delivering an evolving message to the consumer by utilising user level data to do so.

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