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Cinnamon Travel Bloggers' Conference & Awards
30 October 2018 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Create & Transform Digital Content for Travel

If you want to be successful in creating and transforming digital content for travel, you can’t miss TBC Asia’s Travel Industry Conference 2018!

TBC Asia will take place on October 31, 2018 at Colombo’s premier city hotel, the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Sri Lanka. Now in its third instalment as a bi-annual event since 2014, TBC Asia returns with trends and learnings from expert speakers and industry practitioners from around the world, who have faced and overcome challenges in marketing in the digital era.

Whether you intend to increase sales, improve lead generation, reinforce customer loyalty, or explore new markets, TBC Asia 2018’s content will have direct relevance and provide much needed insights into digital marketing for travel while you connect with over 70 travel influencers and digital marketing experts.

This year’s topics include:

1. CHINA: The Travel Behemoth

As China ramps up to a world-class travel and hospitality industry, an amalgam of international and domestic expertise may provide the best model for success. The future of consumption in China is based on a digital, consumer-driven market which is aided by safe and secure mobile payment systems and utilising technology to understand demand and consumption habits of consumers. The Conference will provide valuable insight for travel companies about the best ways to penetrate this market effectively by industry experts who have specialised in this market.

2. The Next Big Disruptors: Revolutionising the way we travel through data collection and algorithms

Revolutionising travel technology, the combination of right data and algorithms allows users to discover and book itineraries, hotels and experiences directly with a single tap. This makes travel more cost effective and convenient for consumers. The Conference will operate as a hub that will divulge extensive knowledge and expertise on the most efficient and effective ways to collect user information and travel data and use this data to provide the desired effect for those who wish to be successful in their digital marketing strategies.

3. How to take advantage of predictive personalization

Combining algorithms and predictive analytics to develop an approach that ensures a more scalable way to create unique experiences for individual users rather than for large audience segments, by monitoring their behaviour on your businesses’ website. The Conference will provide insights on populating the appropriate content for a selected user segment by utilising technology and user information so that those who are in the travel and hospitality industry can generate valid leads and achieve increased visibility based on their target users.

4. How to leverage user-generated content to fuel the travel booking cycle

In today’s digital world, travel brands are fighting for visibility and market share. Luckily, tourism is one of the ripest industries for user-generated content (UGC) marketing. Not only are travellers sharing meaningful travel experiences on social media but 83% of people look to this UGC for travel inspiration and validation. The Conference will bring together bloggers and influencers who have a proven track record of creating valid UGC. This will enable those who are in the travel and hospitality industry to integrate with them to create increased visibility and validation of their services through an actual user.

5. Using Influencer Experience Driven Travel Content Marketing Strategy

Using influencer experience is one of the best ways to create more authentic content about a brand. Telling your brand’s story through a person who has experienced your product or service and can relate to your potential customer has therefore become increasingly popular due to its wide reach, visibility and relatable authentication. The Conference will bring together bloggers and influencers to share their experience about brands and their followers. This is a great platform to leverage their visibility to tell your brand’s story.

6. How to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience, Digitally

In this increasingly digital world, organizations must deliver an online experience that supports and nurtures prospects along the entire customer journey. This requires addressing customers’ needs starting with the initiation of the purchase process through research and selection, right on through to conversion, service and ultimately, advocacy. Today’s customers expect an engaging, consistent and connected digital experience at every touch point, regardless of whether they are prospective customers visiting the brand website for the first time or existing customers logging in to look up account information or conduct a transaction. Using influencers to tell your brand’s story and direct customers to initiate their customer experience journey through content created by an influencer regarding a product of service is deemed to be more effective in terms of cost, creating visibility and leads. The Conference will bring together bloggers and influencers who will share valuable experiences in creating valid content that will trigger this seamless customer journey.

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