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Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference
2022 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Blogger Event

An island tour just for you?

The Pre-tour

Known as Serendipity from an era that’s covered in mysticism and mystery, Sri Lanka has something for everyone. There will be 40 exotic locations – from tea plantations to golden beaches to World Heritage sites – that will be visited over a span of 5 days, through 4 pre-tours (spanning 4 regions of Sri Lanka). The pre-tour is an integral part of TBC Asia 2018 where 60 participants who successfully emerge from the screening process will have the opportunity to pick an itinerary of choice. An all-expense paid journey across this island is designed to showcase the very best of Sri Lanka’s famed diversity.


The Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference facilitates interaction and learning with award-winning travel bloggers and provide a platform to en the hopes of a valuable marketing tool is set to take travel and tourism content creation to new heights. Couple it with the Pre – tour for an inspiring experience of Sri Lanka.

Check out the itineraries here,

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