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30 October 2018 | Colombo, Sri Lanka


TBCasia 2016 & How We Conferenced

Knowledge is power, yes?

TBCasia 2016 threw up together a conference that was truly star-studded when it came to the movers and shakers in the travel, tourism, and social media industry.
These pundits – think Sarah Polger (National Geographic), Dave & Deb (Planet D), Henry Barchet (Radio Journalist), Steve Hanisch (Backpacker.org), Prof. Sarath Kotagama, Chitral Jayathilake, Alvin Lim and Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress Blog) – divulged a treasure trove of useful knowledge to an audience that was truly global in representation.

But we didn’t stop there.

We offered more.

These experts – Allison Busacca (BBC Travel), Craig Martin and Laurence Norah (PTBA), Dave Sottimano (Distilled), Jerome Wise (TravelClick), Khurram Jamali (Google), Sarah Whines (Four bgb), Sarah Mathews (Trip Advisor), Steve Keenan (The Times), and Younes Hammoumi (Revinate) – revealed a mosaic of ideas and thoughts that kept the 200-strong audience putting pen to paper, or should we say – fingertips to screen.

Curious about what we have in store for TBCasia 2018?

We’ll raise it again – the benchmark, that is.       

Visit our website on 1st of July to purchase tickets for the Cinnamon TBCAsia Conference 2018

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