TBC Asia 2014

Perhaps MOOD MARKETING hasn't gained the kind of momentum it was expected to back when human emotion was created. But so many other insightful areas of connectivity continue to crush levels of expectation, delivering results that look good when translated into numbers. The impact these areas have on the blogsphere, the digital realm and the palm of your hand (also known as your smartphone) was explored with an interest befitting such a widely connected bunch of movers and shakers.

You can find, below, a list of sessions that were covered at TBC Asia, 2014, together with Powerpoint Presentations and live streams of the conference.

This experience has enlightened traditional thinking in a way that makes it near invisible. It has painted brainpower in a shade of glamour and made the world at large not so large — the number of hotels in attendance spoke volumes to this.

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Message From PTBA


"The PTBA was indeed delighted to hold our first ever conference in partnership with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and Sri Lankan Airlines. The conference held on the 18th of November was an absolute success and the feedback we have got from bloggers as well as industry experts have been overwhelming. We cannot wait for TBC Asia 2016 which we are sure will be even bigger and better than the last."

Laurence Norah
President, Professional Travel Bloggers Association

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